The Marriage Diet

I have a love affair with food, though it is less steamy (vegetables) and more frigid and sweet (ice cream) and includes over-indulgences; however, Dave shared with me a simple plan he gives his clients that when practiced can change the “love affair” into a “healthy, nurturing marriage.”

In his guide, he divides common foods into groups, identifies their common properties, and describes what a healthy portion is for each, including how many portions are recommended in a day, depending on the needs of the client. Though there are some foods and drinks that should generally be avoided, there are times for exceptions to add a little spice to life. His goal isn’t to create a restrictive diet; rather, he wants to create a sustainable lifestyle where healthy choices are enjoyed daily and indulgences are enjoyed on occasion without guilt.

I think of this diet like marriage because it helps to identify a healthy relationship with food and to nurture that relationship to encourage a lifelong commitment to it. Like a good marriage, a healthy diet based on simple principles provides the body what it needs to thrive in all endeavors. Like the saying goes, “Behind every successful man is a successful woman;” “Behind every healthy body should be a healthy diet.”

As mentioned in the beginning, I do love food, especially desserts, and Dave’s plan allows for this with “cheat” meals, or as I would prefer to think of them in my marriage diet, “role playing with my food,” as there can be ways of adding variety without the guilt of “cheating.” Good, fresh, healthy meats, fruits, and vegetables can be extremely satisfying most of the time, but when you feel a little naughty, acknowledge the desire and allow it in limited amounts. When it is time to indulge in a dessert or other “forbidden pleasure,” be honest with yourself about how much you need, set limits, and enjoy it. When you’re done with your experience, put it back in the drawer and know it is available again in the future, but it isn’t a daily occurrence.

Looking at my food through the lens of a relationship will help me want to stay the course. Just as I wouldn’t stray from my strong, healthy, nurturing marriage, I hope to stay true to this “marriage diet,” though on occasion I might dress up peanut butter in beautiful chocolate ice cream with a little whipped cream on top.

Need a little help with your diet and exercise plan? Dave can help you find the way.

A delicious healthy meal
A delicious well-balanced meal that could be enjoyed “’til death do us part.”
The occasional indulgence
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Changing Gears: From general fitness and conditioning to strength training for strongman.

In high school, I was strong and lean (at least by comparison to my body today at 39).  I had a 400+ bench, could run the 40 in under 5 seconds, and I hovered around 200 lbs.

After high school, my weight varied with college years ranging between 210 and 230 (worked on moving trucks, but never worked out). After college, my weight ballooned to 270, but with encouragement from friends and a desire to help a friend reach a goal for his 30th birthday, I dropped weight to 204 lbs to prepare for the Detroit Marathon.  Though I looked much better at 204 than I did at 270, my body composition had changed from the 200 lb range I had in high school.  A bench over 400 was a dream.

With the birth of our daughter, I quit running and largely stopped exercising.  By March 2014, I hit my heaviest body weight of 295 lbs, and I decided I needed to change, so I joined Fitness Revolution of Wixom at the Total Sports Complex.  Between diet and exercise, I dropped about 55 lbs from March to September 2014.  During this time, I met Dave and learned of his classes and his success in strongman competitions.

A year later, I have achieved some goals of physical fitness, but I am intrigued by the strongman competitions, as I have always enjoyed watching them.  I am excited to see what gains I can make with a focused strength training program with Dave over the next 7-8 weeks.

Today, we took body composition numbers, weight, and max bench.

First Day Training @ Pankow Performance Bodyweight: 257.4 Body fat: 26.9% Skinfold Chest: 20 Skinfold Waist: 43 Skinfold Thigh: 20 Max Bench: 335
First Day Training @ Pankow Performance
Bodyweight: 257.4
Body fat: 26.9%
Skinfold Chest: 20
Skinfold Waist: 43
Skinfold Thigh: 20
Max Bench: 335